How To Build A Deck


Increase the value of your home with this simple DIY project. A freestanding deck is a great asset to any property, and not just financially. Enjoy beautiful summer barbecues and evening glasses of wine with friends and family on a piece of your home you built with your own two hands.

Building a freestanding deck step by step is a great way to add a truly personal touch to your home. While not the most complex, this is a great starting project for budding DIY enthusiasts and provides the perfect place to park the BBQ or a couple of comfortable chairs. This guide will help you avoid some of the rookie mistakes people make and offer some advice on how to build a timber deck to be proud of.

Building a deck – the basics


Before you do anything you’ll want to check with your local council. Different parts of the country have different restrictions on what structures require planning and building permits. Check with your local government about things like depths for footings, restrictions on structures attached to the house and the height at which you’ll be obliged to ring the structure with a fence.

Your first decision will be choosing the right timber. CLICKnBUILD offers a wide variety of timbers suitable for building a deck on the grounds of your property; the thing you have to be considerate of is choosing a material designed for the application you have in mind.

Treated pine makes a great framing and support timber for a freestanding deck, but make sure to get the right level of treatment, generally H3 or greater. For cladding you’ll want something that mixes aesthetics with durability – some options are using a hardwood like merbau or cypress, or an artificial material such as capped or uncapped composite timber.

When digging the posts, ensure that you spend that little bit extra and get some post stirrups. This step is usually taken on the grounds that they can extend the life of your deck significantly. Available from all hardware stores, these are little stands or stilts that protect the base of the post from moisture sinking through porous concrete, causing rot.

With a little forethought and planning, you’ll have a small but beautifully-made outdoor entertainment area. Learning how to build a deck step by step is a first step many keen hobbyists have taken. When you’ve mastered that, consider moving onto something more advanced like building a pergola or your own fence. Get the help you need to succeed with CLICKnBUILD.

A great selection of timber and tools delivered to your door


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how to build a timber deck

Tips on how to build a deck – step by step