Erecting A Retaining Wall with Sleepers


Give your backyard some shape and elevate the parts you’re most proud of. Learning how to build a retaining wall on a slope gives you the power to completely change the look and function of your back or front yard. Constructed of affordable wooden sleepers, this structure adds tiers and levels to an outdoor space, allowing you to highlight beautiful plants or features and de-emphasise less interesting parts.

For our simple retaining wall, we’ll be building it with sleepers. Suitable for non-structural purposes, this retaining wall will be perfect for adding an entry to a garden or decreasing water flow, giving your garden more water with less work on your part.

CLICKnBUILD offers this handy guide that’ll help you avoid some of the usual pitfalls amateur builders face when constructing a sleeper retaining wall on a slope. Read on and make the most of your backyard space with some expert help from our team!

Tame your garden’s slope with this simple DIY project


Ensure that you’re using a properly treated timber. Your materials will be exposed to rain day-in, day-out for potentially years, so use hardwood or a softwood that’s been treated to hazard level H4 or greater. This will also protect your new structure against termites, but regular checking is still recommended.

Make sure you install proper drainage behind the retaining wall. Excess water build-up can cause erosion or make the ground underneath the wall weak and spongy, leading to collapse. Lay slotted agricultural pipe behind the wall, or backfill the area with gravel. This will greatly extend the life of your retaining wall. With sleepers, bulging, sagging or cracking of the timber from hydrostatic pressure are all risks that you must plan for.

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