Highlight your deck through lighting

Highlight your deck through lighting
Posted: Apr 12, 2016
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Using effective lighting will transform your deck from DIY to inspired.

Effective lighting is the key to completing any deck build. Even if the deck is mainly for day time use the right lighting will highlight the beauty of the deck. The purpose of the deck is key for deciding what lighting to use. 

Leading the way – path lighting

If you have a pathway leading up to your deck small LED lights can make a big difference. Gone are the days of one spot light overhead to help you see where you are going. Small LED lighting kits are relatively easy to install, inexpensive and provide light for function as well as style. 


These small lights are great for placing around the edge of the deck as well. They will highlight the shape of the shape and can accentuate any areas you are most keen to show off. 
When deciding on LED lights or any path lights consider how much light they let off and what space you need to leave between each light. Are they decorative only? Or to let off enough light to light the pathway at night?

The spotlight is on…

If you have a sculpture, large tree or other feature on your deck you’ll want to highlight this at all times of the day. The best way to highlight any feature on your deck is to draw attention with targeted light. Spotlights can be directed (upward lighting looks fantastic under leafy trees) and are available in a wide range of colours (even changing colour). This can be highly effective if for example you have some bright red flowering patio roses a soft pink or red light can change the feel of the deck space instantly. 

Up and above

The most traditional deck lighting type is from above – and there are plenty of options from lots of little LEDs scattered through the roof right through to hanging lanterns. Fairy lights can look highly effective if you have an open roof and you can create a roof with the lights. 

Try experimenting with different types of lights – for example use fairy lights to line the edges of the roof and have one large light in the middle. 

Final thoughts

You can choose mains power lighting or solar – solar is popular at the moment but remember they do have a limited life as the solar charge is held in the battery. Solar are also typically less bright than mains power so make sure you test out a few options at your local lighting shop. 

Have fun with the lighting you chose for you deck – it’s easy to change a bulb so don’t be afraid to try out some colours or different styles you wouldn't usually consider. 


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