Deck the Decking – Creating the Ultimate Backyard Christmas

Deck the Decking – Creating the Ultimate Backyard Christmas
Posted: Dec 9, 2015
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During the Christmas months it is tradition for some houses to spread the cheer and decorate the front of their home. The festive season brings out the best in a lot of people and many children get immense joy from visiting these houses. Why spend all your time and effort on the front yard for the neighbors to enjoy, why don’t you spend your time creating a new backyard oasis just in time for Christmas. A backyard oasis complete with Christmas decorations can be just as uplifting as the front yard and much more rewarding in the long run. Here’s how to make your deck center stage this Christmas.


Build a Pergola

No better time than right now to get the Pergola built, with Christmas around the corner your deck will become center stage. Hot Australian summers are awesome but not on Christmas day with all of your guests. A new pergola could add the comfort level you need to keep everyone cool. Pergolas can be constructed from a variety of Timbers, Design Pine is a popular choice and a range of project designs are available at, don’t forget to decorate the pergola in tinsel and decorations to add to the Christmas theme.


Upgrade your BBQ

Perfect for an Aussie Christmas is a BBQ, but now is the time to ensure your BBQ will impress the guests. You don’t want any old, dodgy BBQ, you need the ultimate. Stainless steel is popular as is a combination of Stainless and real stone bench tops to create an outdoor kitchen. Pizza Ovens are popular these days, but one of the favourites right now is the Weber Q.


Build some outdoor furniture

Imagine the impression you would make when your guests arrive and take pride of place sitting at your home made outdoor setting. Making it isn’t as hard as it looks and you can work the materials and design to suit the surroundings. Imported Hardwood such as Merbau or Pacific Jarrah is very popular due to its durable nature and natural reddish brown hues, also consider a composite such as ModWood or INEX for less maintenance. What about a day bed made from Design Pine, how good does this look.


Copper Christmas

Metals are making a big swing in popularity this year. Choosing to replace your multi coloured decorations with silver’s and gold’s is a very elegant way to go. Less can obviously be more with this colour scheme, but it can certainly give an added layer of class, to a time which can be perceived as over the top and cheesy to some.


Snow White Setting

Pretend we are from the northern hemisphere and celebrate your Christmas in the snow. Take your inspiration from the Disney film Frozen and have the icicles and snowflakes hanging from your roof, your kids will love it. A big white blanket will be your snow blanket, and snow in a can will give everything a fresh dusting of snow, as though you are in the beginning of a snowfall.


Modern Geo Christmas

For those of us who love the Christmas colour scheme, but want to think outside of the box. Use shapes to give your Christmas an edge that is often saved for modern artwork. You have a Christmas tree sheltering many different shaped boxes. Take inspiration from them and have these gifts become the star attraction.


Beachside Bliss

Let’s be honest, with our climate you are already halfway there. The vibe is right, so put out your deck chairs and wait for Santa to surf up to your backdoor in style. Keep the turtle doves and candles, but have them alongside driftwood and sea shells. Not only will it set the scene for any summer vacation you have planned, it creates a sense of Australian identity for your children. Too often television depicts Christmas as a winter occasion. Let’s take a part of this holiday back and carve out our own little niche in this global event.

Light the Lawn

Christmas just isn't Christmas without that multicolored glow across the neighbourhood. With the increase in solar powered Christmas decorations and the good old Australian sun the budget conscious decorator can blind the locals without racking up a huge power bill this Christmas. Swing by your local hardware store as aside from a great selection of outdoor lighting options this year, there are also some great little products to do things like help attach lights along your gutter or fence line or DIY kits for creating your own light up Christmas scene right on the front lawn. 

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